Things You Should Know


  1. Your Reunion Group is the most important part of your next steps. In Emmaus, the days after the three-day experience are called the Fourth Day, while Chrysalis calls these days next steps. Be diligent in setting up your Reunion Group, and be faithful to it. Don’t be afraid to change groups if you do not feel comfortable in the group you join. Your Reunion Group helps support one another’s practice of prayer, study, and action. It may take the form of a Bible study but should also include holding one another accountable by sharing weekly practices.
  2. The Chrysalis Community Rushes (Gatherings) are held multiple times a year. For dates & times, visit the Events page. You may bring a friend with you to the Rushes whether or not he or she has attended a Chrysalis. You are also welcome to attend the Emmaus Gatherings. Dates for Emmaus Gatherings can be found by visiting the Louisville Emmaus website,, or the DaySpring Emmaus website,
  3. Chrysalis teams are a great opportunity to practice living your Christian faith. You may inform the Team Selection Committee of your interest in serving. Your next steps, however, take place before applying to work on a team. You may not be placed on a team right away, but you can serve the community by working in the kitchen, Prayer Chapel, or on one of the committees for Chrysalis activities. Remember that the focus of Chrysalis is not to serve on teams but to serve Christ in all we do—at home, school, work, church, and among friends. Please fill out the Volunteer application on the Serve page.
  4. The Candlelight Service is a part of the Chrysalis three days, but requires the support of those who have been through a Chrysalis or a similar event. This is a planned part of the three-day short course in Christianity.
  5. Send Off and Closing are times to welcome parents who have not been to a Chrysalis or Emmaus experience.
  6. Talk about Chrysalis when asked about your experience. There are no secrets. You can explain to someone about Chrysalis to your heart’s content, and when that person goes on an Emmaus or Chrysalis, it will still be a joy and surprise.
  7. A Chrysalis Board of Directors oversees the Chrysalis Community in your area. The Board meets monthly to address issues that bother you or please you. The board can be reached by emailing The Contact page also includes a list of current board members and their contact information.
  8. You are now a potential sponsor with certain responsibilities. See How to Sponsor Persons to Chrysalis and Twelve Steps to Sponsorship for more information.

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