What are you going to do about it? One of the greatest blessings after a Flight is serving on a team. God calls us to be his hands and feet. Serving on a Chrysalis or Journey team builds leadership skills and continues your walk with Christ as God’s blessing is poured out for those you serve on the weekend.

Sometimes merely filling out a volunteer application is not enough. Make yourself known to the Chrysalis and Emmaus Community by attending Chrysalis and Emmaus events. Introduce yourself to Lay Directors of upcoming Flights and Walks.

If you are unable to be a part of a team at this time, there are still plenty of ways to serve! Visit the Events page to sign up to pray and/or serve a meal for an upcoming weekend, or see if there is a Board position open on the Contact page.

You may also support current team members financially by donating a Team Member Scholarship. If you wish to do so, please visit the Team Member Scholarship Form page.