Points to Remember


  1. Chrysalis is only one of many instruments of God’s world. Do not return home with a “holier-than-thou” attitude or with thoughts, statements, and actions such as, “I have now been to Chrysalis; I’ve made it with God; I’m now the perfect Christian; I’ve got all the answers.” You’ve only just begun! You are constantly on a journey to a more mature faith.
  2. Chrysalis is not necessary for salvation. Avoid creating the impression that Chrysalis is absolutely necessary for every Christian. Chrysalis is not the only way people come to know God. There are other very fine programs through which people come to know God and strengthen their faith.
  3. Behave in a Christlike manner when with other Chrysalis friends. Do not form cliques among yourselves. Don’t hang around just with your Chrysalis friends after the Chrysalis experience. Cliques are contrary to the intent of Chrysalis and are repugnant to people who are not involved or interested. Extend your friendship to new people. Share your love in new ways. Return to your local church as a servant who is eager to help where you can.
  4. Do not act secretively about Chrysalis. Chrysalis is not a secret society: When people ask, tell them what Chrysalis is and what it has meant to you. An attitude of secrecy harms Chrysalis and turns people off to the possibility of participating.
  5. Offer your services to your pastor, youth leader, or campus minister. Support your church leaders. See how you can help. Avoid being critical of his or her plans and programs.
  6. When you want spiritual counsel or need to talk over a spiritual matter in your life, go first to your pastor or youth leader. While you may always contact adults from your Chrysalis experience, your pastor and youth leaders are your spiritual guides and servants. When you wish to meet with your pastor or youth leader, be courteous and ask when it would be convenient for him or her to see you. Remember that he or she has many persons to serve. You are not more special because you have attended Chrysalis.
  7. Make your participation in your church your first priority for your Christian service. Chrysalis works with the church for your Christian maturity, not without the church.
  8. Attend your weekly Reunion Group or discipleship group and, when possible, Chrysalis Rushes or Emmaus Gatherings. Chrysalis does not give everything you need for your Christian growth in three days. Chrysalis starts you on a journey of transformation that you continue with your Reunion Group and through your church. You have only begun.

Reproduced by permission of The Upper RoomTM